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Sorrow - The National

Sorrow found me when I was young.

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Love yourself so no one has to

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To whomever it may concern:
This journal is now friends only.
You know the drill

Angel from my nightmare... (Sunflower)
...The one who saves me, and keeps me alive.
You don't understand what it's like. I want to reach out and touch you, but you aren't here anymore. You left me alone-to fend off all the monsters by myself. I'm not as strong as you are, and I don't think lasting much longer will be possible without you. Saying 'I love you' to anyone has always been a challenge for me, but you are the exception.
You make me question everything about myself.
You have made me a better person.
You made me not care what other people think.
But for some reason, you are still self conscious, and I honestly don't get it.

Because, Siena, you are perfect.

Inside and out- don't let a soul tell you otherwise. There is nobody else that shines as much as you do. You have so much personality and originality, there is nothing dull about you.
And when you smile, it just emphasizes all of that bubbly personality in you.
It's like you have a superpower, and you see the world how it is-not sugar coated or morphed around to satisfy your emotions- but you still have that child-like brightness and happiness to you.

And they took you away. Far, far away, with one last goodbye in the upstairs computer room of a friend's house. Let's run away and not look back- forget this town we both call home, and forget that stupid city that consumes you now. We can go somewhere new, and be our messed up little selves together.

I love you, and I'm holding my breath untill the day I see you again-however long it takes.

(Keep quiet- nothing comes as easy as you, can I lay in your bed all day? I'll be your best kept secret and your biggest mistake. The hand behind this pen relieves a failure every day...)


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